google glass snakeWell, we were going to sing the praises of Google Glass. Which, in case you haven’t heard, is  Google’s new pair of glasses where the lens is equipped with a voice activated heads up display and the frame houses a camera and speaker.  It seems like they’re really looking to change the game—and for folks to buy in (at $1500 a pop) for a chance to be a ‘Glass Explorer’. It is well worth a looksee AND they’ll fit nicely in a stocking—hint, hint Santa ;)


But move on out of the spotlight for just a sec Google—ever heard of 3Doodler? Over here at NXHQ, we think you are going to be hearing about them soon in a BIG way! They’re currently getting all Kickstartered-up and ready to put out a pen that lets you draw in 3D! It’s all about liquid plastic and internal cooling fans, and the result is something pretty out of this world. And if they can price it right—that MAY be a stocking stuffer we can afford!