Calling All Educators

Want to help shape the future of education?

Educators- let’s consider this is your official call to action…or, better yet, to Answerables!

We’ve spent almost 2 years now bringing this to life, creating a new way for us to use technology with our students. A new platform for us to share with them, work collaboratively with them, teach them how to navigate this new world of the Internet and truly claim their digital citizenship.

And now we’re calling on you to be a part of our first Educator Focus Group.

We want to show you what we’ve built and how you can use it. To put all of Answerables’ tools into your hands and then see what YOU come up with. Are you looking for a new way to tutor students remotely? Do you want a class portal unlike anything your students will have ever seen? Do you want to effectively scaffold the Internet experience your students receive through your lessons? Have you ever thought of running your own workshops for kids or colleagues?

The Educator Focus Group will meet in a series of themed and guided sessions in Answerables. These twice weekly sessions will cover a range of topics: ‘Collaborative Web Browsing with your Class’, ‘Remote Tutoring and Office Hours’, ‘Class Portals and your LMS’, ‘Document Sharing in the Cloud’, ‘Gamification and Edutainment’.

Consider it our early Christmas gift to you- PD you don’t have to pay for…and that actually may change the way you’ve been thinking about education for good.

Pretty bold? Ya, we know. We talk the talk. Come join us as we walk the walk :)

Be a part of our Educator Focus Group by leaving a comment here or through, or sign up directly from your Answerables Dashboard under Upcoming Events.