You’ve heard of dinner and a movie? How about dinner and a beta? The Nexed Team and Answerables landed with a badda-boom badda bing at East Side Mario’s  in the first of what we’re calling our ‘flash demo’ series.

After a little bit of fancy footwork getting ourselves online and plugged in, we rolled up our banners and got down to it! This first one was really meant to test out our ‘roadworthiness’, and a couple of bumps (they’re always in the road) aside, Answerables seems to be purring along nicely.

Even without any prior media shout outs, we had some folks drop by. Kiddos mostly, in search of something to do while their parents finished off their desserts. And as you all know, kiddos are our speciality! There were oohs and ahhs, especially with Answerable up on the big screen; the kids got a glimpse of our newly re-designed POD, and a chance to sit down behind our macs and take a test drive.

But if YOU want to have a peak, you’re going to have to wait till our next flash demo…won’t be long. And this time we’ll keep you all in the loop. Thinking somewhere caffeinated maybe…?

And of course, in case you hadn’t heard, this is all in full prep mode for Web Summit 2013  in Dublin’s fair city. We applied and were accepted into the Alpha programme, which helps startups get a booth without having to re-mortgage the house. So when it all goes down in Dublin in late October, Nexed and Answerables will be in there with the best of them! And not to toot our own horn, but we think they’re pretty lucky to have us;).

FYI, we’ll be seeking out some brave Ansibles and Pedagogs on THIS side of the Atlantic to help us out ‘live’ on the day we show our stuff. If you think you’re up to the challenge, drop us a line.

 Wonder if there’ll be pasta?

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