A while back we gave a big THANK YOU shout out to all the behind the scenes members of the Nexed team- all the fine folks who help us tend to the various pots we have a boilin’. Well, we’d like to bring one of them out to center stage and introduce you to him properly—.Patrick McKenna “ our software programmer and developer extraordinaire! (let’s hope he doesn’t get all shy and awkward-y).

We first met Patrick in the Fall of 2012 when we began working with Sheridan College in Oakville on adding specific game zones and further building upon various other elements of Answerables. He was the project lead and head programmer guiding a team of graduate students as they worked through their various tasks. We immediately picked up on Patrick’s programming skills and ability to lead the team through the various pitfalls and unknowns that pop up in a project with a scope such as ours. But as the months went on and we extended our collaboration with Sheridan into the new year, we began to realize that Patrick had become a crucial  member not only of the Sheridan project, but also of Nexed. In our last few days of sprint towards the release of Answerables v.1 to the beta testers and focus group-ers, Patrick put his head down and went above and beyond to help us get it done.

And it was then that we knew—this one’s a keeper!

So, Nexed-ers…proud to introduce you to Patrick McKenna.