We know that the good folks at Model Me Kids www.modelmekids.com have been doing some great work for a while now, developing high quality, engaging videos that teach social skills to children on the Autism spectrum.

But what we’re REALLY liking is their most recent piece of software that has come with a significant pivot- something we’re ALSO big fans of over here at NXHQ. It takes advantage of a tool that is quite literally staring us in the face every day- the much maligned webcam. With Model Me Interactive a student can first watch a video modeling, for example, a simple conversation between two peers, then use the webcam on their computer to observe and record themselves ‘practicing’ with their virtual buddy. When they’re ready they can press play and watch how it all comes together on the big (well depending on the size of your monitor) screen!

So as well as providing a great service and tool for kids with ASD, it goes to show that sometimes the best ideas don’t come from developing completely new technologies, but from recognizing more innovative ways of using what we already have. Hmmmm, sounds familiar—;)