Well, we ended 2012 with a bang and are rounding up the wagons to keep right on trucking into 2013! Happy New Year to all! Hope the holidays have been merry and bright, but if your HQs are anything like ours, the kids are getting a little squirrely—maybe more than a little—as we move on past the festivities into the decidedly less festive Januar-ities.

We thought we’d try to lend a hand with a little dabble into some of the fantastic virtual ‘field trips’ that are available out there. And these ones DON’T involve: entrance fees, removing your children’s shoes at the airport, or SCUBA gear rental charges. Just a quiet spell with you and yours, and the words ‘Hey, wanna see something really cool I found—pull up a chair—maybe a hot chocolate first?’



 Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History


Ever been down Washington D.C. way and had a chance to check out the Smithsonian? We haven’t. But this is the next best thing—and you don’t have to deal with the inevitable gift shop experience with its $4.95 shark tooths.

Oxford Tour
Oxford Tour

Or how ‘bout forgo the vomit bags and 6hr flight and check out Oxford, in the grand old United Kingdom. The navigation is a little tricky, but it’s such a beautiful and historic city it’s worth the clicks and zooms.

Screen shot 2013-01-04 at 3.29.03 PM

Google Ocean View

And, last but not least, while we appreciate Google is a little spooky in its ability to foresee our searches with no more than a 2-letter head start—you have to admit they come up with some AWESOME stuff. Move over STREETVIEW—hello REEFVIEW! Mapping the world’s oceans for us all to see; no need to check on depth, bottom time or hammerheads on the horizon!

Hopefully that can keep you going with a little more ‘quality time’ before they head back to school. We’ve got our own little ones to tend to for a few more days, make sure they’re rested up with lots of acorns buried under the snow for the cold days ahead. OF COURSE, we LOVE having them around, but we have frontiers to explore, and squirrels spook the horses ;)