The holidays are fast approaching. Good times to cuddle up by a roaring fireplace and play a board game“ Nexed-style!

Today we’d like to highlight 4 games and interactivities that we are currently auditioning for the up and coming Answerables Arcadium- our 21st century version of the old-school arcades that so many of us remember from days of misspent youth! We’ve revved up the academia a little since the days of PacMan and Centipede, but the cool factor hasn’t changed a bit!


This first one isn’t for the faint of heart, or the weak of stomach! It comes from a great site called They create educational science and math games that promote critical thinking skills. We’re looking at the “Virtual Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery” for our budding brain surgeons to experience first. Better for them to practice a little in the safe confines of a virtual world before being unleashed on the public at large;)!

Solar System Scope

Next is something we consider to be more of an interactivity, rather than a game proper but it’s so wicked cool that there have been times here at NXHQ that we have to stop ourselves from wasting time exploring the reaches of the solar system and get back to work! may not quite be the Hubble Space Telescope, but it’s about $2.5 billion dollars less costly, and we don’t have to worry about those pesky space shuttle bathrooms with all their fancy bells and whistles ;)!


Again, trying to stay true to our Canuck roots we’re looking at an amazing game and initiative coming from McGill University. It’s called Phylo.

What this game is attempting to do is harness the computing power of humankind to map diseases within human DNA. Every puzzle that gets completed actually helps biologists trace the source of various genetic diseases. Who knew that playing a game could contribute to the greater good? Just shows what we can do when we contribute and collaborate! But be warned, this one’s a bit of a challenge “make sure those thinking caps are firmly in place!


And lastly, something just for fun- with a dash of spatial reasoning skills added to spice it up a bit! Be careful this game can take you down the rabbit hole and you may not pop back up for a spell. And make sure you have your volume turned up, there’s something about those clicks and clacks that keeps you coming back for more!

Now, that’s just a little taste of some of what’s to come, but we’d also LOVE to hear from you! If you have favourites from your classrooms or households that you’d like to share with us, AND get a gold star if they make it up to the Arcadium, shoot us over a comment. We promise to check out anything that you send along, and ping you back with our 2 cents worth. Let’s keep this train a rockin’ and a rollin’!!