T.S. Eliot wrote “The end is where we start from.” And it’s with thoughts of new beginnings and endings of long journeys that we welcome you to Nexed.

Created by two fathers, educators and lifelong square pegs wiggling around in round holes, who saw such a great need for an evolution in how we are currently using educational technology, that we decided to light out for a new frontier, leaving behind the comforts of web 2.0, in search for something more for OUR and YOUR children.

What we began to discover along the way is something that as educators we have known all along, but that perhaps we could do well to remind ourselves.

Authentic learning is not a process of filling an empty cup.
It is not a matter of simply consuming information from a page in a book or on a screen and having knowledge imparted to you.
Learning cannot be a passive action.
Learning must be an experience. And an awesome one at that!

And this is the journey we want to take you, your children and our students on…

At Nexed, we are creating an experience that takes all the content, social devices, creation tools and learning methodologies of the 21st Century internet, and packages them in to an easily consumable, 2D / 3D hybrid environment for young minds to experience on their own terms. The best of 2D content immersed in 3D innovation, and all tied together with gaming mechanics to grab their interest and keep them fully engaged in their learning.

We call this Answerables.

It’s a game. It’s a place to meet with friends and go have an adventure. It’s a place to ask questions and get help. It’s a teaching and learning hub for students and educators. It’s a backpack full of some of the best educational resources and tools we could find and we’ll keep adding more!

Think of it as a safe harbour where smaller, calmer waterways connect to an open ocean. We all know that our kids want to experience their world as genuine explorers. It is our responsibility as parents and educators to be the lighthouses, the beacons of safety and reassurance that help them navigate through rough waters, and find them safe, effective, interesting, challenging and cool ways of heading out into the ocean, and finding their ways back home.

And we’re ready for our first explorers, adventurers and lighthouses to hop aboard. We want to take you to the far away planet of Proxima, where the Ansibles and the Pedagogs have lived for thousands of years. We want you to meet the Lumens, who are offering the Ansibles the ultimate gift and opportunity “ that of self-discovery.

Now we need to have you experience Answerables and tell us what you think. What still needs some tinkering with? What’s great? What’s useful? What’s not? What else would you want to see? Remember, we’re parents like you. We’re educators like you. We know that growth and change is never easy and that it takes a village to raise a child. And, as much as anything, we are doing this for our own children.

So, we’re here. We’re ready to go. Who’s coming? Who wants to be a part of what’s nexed?

Want to take the Nexed level of learning out for a test-drive? Sign-up to beta-test Answerables here