The Quest

At NEXED we believe that advances in communication technology have fundamentally altered the way we learn and therefore the way we must inspire learning.

It is no longer acceptable to view learning as a passive action. As a global society we have moved away from the notion that information is to be delivered by teachers and consumed by students. Authentic learning occurs through personal experiences; motivated through active engagement in the building of knowledge, socially and collaboratively. This is how we raise the next generation as true digital citizens; not controlled by the technology that surrounds them, but empowered and enlightened by it.

Our quest is to cultivate meaningful human experiences that embody the organic relationship between social collaboration, authentic learning and gaming. From within a richly dynamic virtual ecosystem that users experience on their own terms, we invite the world to assist us in redefining what it means to educate and to rediscover learning together.

The Team

Mark has been working with diverse groups of students for more than 15 years as a classroom teacher, Special Education Resource Teacher, and school administrator. He has a wealth of experience teaching learning disabled children and supporting their parents and teachers.

A firm believer in philosopher Lau Tzu’s philosophy of ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’, Mark has spent much of his career exploring the goal of giving students and teachers a framework that would allow them to explore and discover their own answers and solutions.

As both a veteran educator and a proud papa of two children in elementary school, Mark’s motivation to co-found Nexed was ultimately born from a deep understanding of the need to support teachers who want to engage students in the learning experience, and the students who thrive when engaged.

Peter Cameron draws from his experience as a classroom teacher, technologist, researcher, philosopher, entrepreneur and father to cultivate his passion for learning as a lifelong journey. He spends much of his time tinkering with the delicate and complex balance between play, learning and technology, including the many benefits and challenges the education community faces as we navigate the digitally charged 21st Century. Peter is a curious adventurer, an inventor and an advocate for guided progress. He believes that a well-designed video game will be sophisticated enough to stimulate deep learning and that missing socks go to another dimension more often than not. Game on!