And the winner is….


The Survey Monkey has left the building! We have officially closed down our virtual focus group and access to Answerables v.1. Thanks to everyone who took the time to go in and check things out. At this stage in the game there is no such thing as ‘negative feedback’—every little bit helps! As promised, the draw has been drawn, and we’re happy to announce the winners of the Kobo Arc (a brother and sister dynamic duo) are Griff and Maud Saunders from Toronto. Congrats, guys! Of course, we wish we could Arc-ify ALL our awesome participants, but we’ve gotta keep pinching those pennies (make that nickels) for now.

So it’s time for us to head back up to STEMlab and tinker, tinker, tinker—.and as  famous Canadian rockers BTO once said, ‘You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!’ When we emerge with v.2 in a few weeks, Answerables will be fully integrated with what we here at NXHQ proudly call our ‘secret sauce’- the Dashboard. Our users will have access to a horn o’ plenty of educational online resources and collaborative tools housed in a personalized virtual hang out space where they can explore and create on their own, and then share and invite others to join the party! It is really gonna be ALL THAT!

Then, of course, it’s on to a second round of ‘Testing, Testing 1,2,3—’

Keep checking back and we’ll keep you fully looped in!

Last day to send Answerables Tour feeback & enter to win a Kobo Arc


They say Jimi Hendrix was the master of feedback, but he’s got nothin’ on our team of awesome and opinionated first round Answerables testers! We’ve gotten a whole slew of responses to our survey and we’re about ready to put names into a big hat and pull out the proud new owner of a Kobo Arc.

For any of you last minute-ers out there (and at NXHQ we happen to know a little bit about that ;)—you’ve got until midnight tonight to press send and get us your feedback on the Answerables tour for your chance to win the Kobo Arc.

In case you’ve misplaced the information we sent you by email, here’s how to download the Answerables tour:

Mac Answerables Tour download linkhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/pabt9k2ug6ph3bj/Answerables.dmg
Windows Answerables Tour download linkhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/b94noepkwli1idg/Answerables.zip
And here’s a link to our focus group questionnaire in case you’re having trouble making it to the end of the tour but want to provide feedback: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/AnswerablesTour

We’ll make the big Kobo winner announcement this Friday! Thanks to EVERYONE who took the time to participate. Your thoughts are crucial in helping us shape the next version of Answerables.

Alien Conspiracy? New Dropbox links to V1.Answerables tour coming soon…


A high-five to the trusty testers who called our attention to a download problem with the V.1 Answerables tour that we sent out last night.

Everything seemed to be working tickety-boo when we sent the package out.  We saw this little alien guy giggling in The Garden eating Pez just  after the issue was detected. Alien conspiracy? It sure looks that way.

We’re fixing the problem this morning and sending you fresh, Alien-proof links to the Answerables V.1 tour today. Thanks for your patience!

Answerables v1 Jan.31 testing delayed until Feb.5


Apologies to all of you awesome Answerables testers out there “ the dog ate our homework!

We’ve been sweating it out in the STEMlab to make your first contact with Answerables out of this world….but we need a few more days for your test package to make it to Planet Earth. SO, instead of receiving your test package on January 31, we’ll be sending it out on February 5th.

Thanks for your patience, and if you know of any students in grades 5-10 who still might be interested in touring Answerables, giving us their feedback and entering our draw to win a Kobo Arc, please tell them to email us at hello@nexed.ca (or  click here to send us a shout-out) and let us know they want to be included in the virtual focus group.

Showing some February love for Digital Learning Day


We’re almost done with the doldrums of the Januaries and it looks like the first few weeks of the Februaries are gonna give the last couple weeks of 12/12 a run for their money in terms of festiveness and frivolity! We start off with Groundhog Day on the 2nd (over here at NXHQ we think that Wiarton Willie is about as cool as a rodent can get), then a little bit o’ lag until Valentines’ on the 14th (who doesn’t need another heart shaped box?), and you barely have time to recover from your choc-over before the 18th hits with Family Day (EVERY day is FAMILY day).

But dread no longer that Groundhog to Valentines’ lag—make way for DIGITAL LEARNING DAY!  On February 6th those of us championing the effective use of technology by our students and children in our schools and homes are taking it to the streets—well, to the classrooms and living room coffee tables anyway; the streets are a little chilly right now ;). Educators and parents, if you’re not already involved, go have a looksee. It’s about remembering we’re not using technology for technology’s sake. We’re advocating its proper integration into our kids’ lives because being able to navigate it will be a GIGANTIC part of their future AND because when it’s used right, by the right folks (and we know that we have them front and center), it can truly engage them, and allow them to collaborate, discover and LEARN.

Steve Jobs displaying the Apple iPad Image: Matt Buchanan

Steve Jobs displaying the Apple iPad Image: Matt Buchanan

Have a chew on this—it always blows our minds when we think about it—the first iPad was released April 3rd 2010!!  A little less than 3 years ago. WhaWhaWhat? What’s going to be out there when our kids head into the great wide open in another 5 or 10? We don’t know—but we know they have to be ready for it. Let’s kick it off on the 6th!

All in favour?

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